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Featured Speakers

avatar for Danielle Laporte

Danielle Laporte

Danielle Laporte
Creator, Author, Motivational Speaker
avatar for Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Award Winning Social Media Strategist
avatar for Devon Brooks

Devon Brooks

CEO of Sphere is Here and Co-Founder Blo Blow Dry Bar
avatar for Terri Cole

Terri Cole

Licensed Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert and Founder of Real...
avatar for Selina Gray

Selina Gray

Moneyboss Ltd.
Founder & CEO
avatar for Connor Beaton

Connor Beaton

Man Talks
avatar for Ashley Callingbull

Ashley Callingbull

Ashley Callingbull
Model, Actor, First Nations Activist, Mrs Universe 2015
avatar for Robin Hilton

Robin Hilton

Multi Passionate Entrepreneur
avatar for Sean Liv

Sean Liv

Fitness Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker
avatar for Sarah Moe

Sarah Moe

Business and Crowdfunding Coach
avatar for Alison Springer

Alison Springer

Young Women of Power
avatar for Jennifer Barroll

Jennifer Barroll

Barroll Consulting
Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker & Entertainer
avatar for Mandy Balak

Mandy Balak

The Ace Class
Founder & CEO
avatar for Miriam Alden

Miriam Alden

Brunette the Label
Founder and Creative Director
avatar for Ashley Freeborn

Ashley Freeborn

Smash + Tess
Founder, Managing Director
avatar for Donni Rae Edmondson

Donni Rae Edmondson

Privilege Clothing
avatar for Stephanie Pollock

Stephanie Pollock

Stephanie Pollock Media Inc.
Leadership Coach & Speaker
avatar for Dr. Marie Claire Bourque

Dr. Marie Claire Bourque

Limbus Movement
Founder, Psychiatrist, Speaker, Educator, Leader, Writer
avatar for Michelle Berg

Michelle Berg

Elevated HR
CEO and Leading Lady
avatar for Kat Gaskin

Kat Gaskin

The Content Planner
Founder + Designer
avatar for Mallory Chapman

Mallory Chapman

Change Leader, Coach & Consultant
avatar for Nicole Eaton

Nicole Eaton

Dominion Securities
Investment Advisor
avatar for Kendall Barber

Kendall Barber

Poppy Barley
avatar for Tracey Zehl

Tracey Zehl

Grant Thornton
avatar for Laura Kloepfer

Laura Kloepfer

The Ace Class
Winnipeg Community Activator
avatar for Kassie Harvey

Kassie Harvey

The Ace Class
Edmonton Community Activator
avatar for Kiana Heighton

Kiana Heighton

The Ace Class
Vancouver Community Activator
avatar for Kayla Pearcey

Kayla Pearcey

The Ace Class
Brand and Marketing Manager
avatar for Jason Wilkins

Jason Wilkins

Managing Partner